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Inflatable Water Slides For Birthday Parties

Everyone has seen inflatable jumpers at a party at some point in their life. Bounce houses are standard fare at most children’s parties. They are usually very colorful and themed after some of the more popular cartoon characters of the day.

Some inflatables can get hot though during the summer months. When temperatures soar over one hundred degrees, the vinyl of the bounce houses can become hot and uncomfortable to the touch for kids. So what is one to do with this situation?

One thing you do not want to do is put water on a bounce house. Bounce houses are generally not safe to use with water. The reason for this is that the rides can become very slippery when wet. That is why inflatable water slides new orleans is so advantageous to use during the hotter months of the year.

Inflatable water slides are really great because they allow kids to enjoy a bouncy thing while keeping cool and safe. They can be rented from most major party rental companies and come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are substantially bigger in size than a standard bounce house, so make sure you have adequate space to set them up. Also keep in mind that they are much more labor-intensive than bounce houses, so be prepared to pay a bit more than a bounce house for a rental. They are often twice as much as a standard jumper.

Inflatable water slides are truly a great way to have a great birthday party. Rent one for your next event and watch your kids light up as they have a great time sliding!

Properties for Foreigners in Singapore: Getting to Know More About Singaporean Land

Although foreigners were not allowed to own land in Singapore in the past three decades, a decision was made by the Singaporean government in 2005 to allow foreigners or ex-pats to own or rent residential units in buildings with 6 stories or higher. This proved to be a very good decision as more and more foreigners are now looking for properties to buy or rent in Singapore. Properties for foreigners in Singapore are available in the forms of condominium units and flats that are nonetheless considered as prime properties because of the exclusivity offered to residents and tenants alike. These units are more than enough for families, couples, and singles that are looking forward to living or having a vacation in Singapore. Top-notch properties for foreigners in Singapore include residential buildings for sale or for rent in selected locations like Orchard and Sentosa, although there are a number of places that also offer great deals for prospective buyers or renters. Restrictions apply to purchase bungalows, semi-detached, and terrace houses, but there are plenty of condominium complexes and other properties for foreigners in Singapore that offer the same comfort as being in a home which is worth investing in.

If you are employed in Singapore and are looking for a place to rent, you can check out the property listings in the real estate market and choose which would suit your needs. Once you have found one like arena residences, inform your real estate agent who will, in turn, prepare a Letter of Intent and pass it on to your prospective landlord together with a month’s deposit in advance. The landlord will then prepare the contract of lease or what they call Tenancy Agreement for you to sign. Before signing though, make sure that a diplomatic clause is included in the contract, as this will give you a chance to refund your security deposit in the case for any reason you are separated from your job and cannot continue with the lease after 12 months.

On the other hand, properties for foreigners in Singapore that are in the market require a different procedure. If you’re looking to buy a condo unit or an apartment in a building with six stories or higher, then you may do so without delay. However, if a property you’re interested in is regarded as “Landed Property” (bungalows, terrace houses, semi-detached houses) or an apartment nestled in a building of fewer than six stories, permission would have to be granted by the Singapore Land Authority. Your application to purchase will be reviewed based on whether you are a permanent resident of Singapore and how productive you are as a citizen. Once they have determined that you qualify, the sale of the property will go smoothly.

There are a lot of properties for foreigners in Singapore, whether for sale or for rent. Since it is one of the top countries in the world in terms of financial and economic activity, it’s no wonder why a lot of foreigners are looking forward to being permanent residents. If you are one of those people, then go ahead and check the property listings. You’ll be sure to find a lot of properties for foreigners in Singapore.

High-Quality Pest Control Services

Effective pest control services are available in the market that not only contains the growth of pests but also eliminates their infestation to the core. The major factor that determines this aspect is how they are being countered. This involves a series of effective steps being taken in controlling their growth. Most of the pests remain where there are damp conditions. Hence, the first big step that should be taken in eliminating them would be damage to avoiding strategies. Keeping the surroundings clean and a sprinkling of chemicals that prove to be detrimental in the case of pests will help a lot.

The latest developments in the control of pests bring advanced techniques to the fore, which will address all the problems that are associated with controlling pests. The usage of pesticides is not recommended always. The reason because the current generation of pests has developed enough resistance in controlling them. Assessing the intensity of the problem related to pests is an efficient step towards the elimination of pests with a greater success rate. People need to understand that there are different pest controlling services available depending upon the kind of pests.

The controlling of pests needs a lot of understanding ability regarding pests. For example, their life cycle and the surroundings in which they grow more frequently. If the local area is always kept clean by properly dumping the waste, then there will be little scope for pests to infest. Though there are other pest control services available, they need to employ under only those situations where it is absolutely necessary. People need to remember that prevention is the best form of controlling pests. There are advanced fluids and liquids available in the market as part of advanced Arizona Pest Control services.

During the application of these harmful chemicals, one needs to take enough care. The proper covering of hands and nose is very important. The success of this procedure depends upon how effectively the procedure has been implemented. Depending upon natural ways like keeping the surroundings clean and checking the infestation of pests, the growth of pests can be analyzed. Pests like cockroaches appear to be of not doing enough damage, but they are the ones that are responsible for doing majority harm to the health of humans. Their growth can be contained by making food items not available to them. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to find more advanced ways to control pests that prove to be worthy.

Hemp Protein As Protein Powder

Out of the hundreds of protein powders on the market, Hemp is one of the most popular options. For good reason, too: Hemp protein has very many benefits that put it ahead of the rest of the crowd. Why should you choose Hemp protein as your protein powder of choice?

A Highly Natural Supplement

If you don’t want to use processed supplements and instead want to supplement your body using only natural substances, then hemp powder is a great way to go about doing that.

Hemp is made from hemp seeds, which is a natural plant-based seed. The distillation process of turning it from a seed into a powder doesn’t add any other residue nor does it strip away its beneficial health properties.

No Dairy

If you can’t eat dairy due to lactose intolerance, then hemp may also be a great option for you. Other supplements like Whey come from milk; and although Whey has such a small amount of lactose that even lactose intolerant athletes can consume it, you might prefer not to just to be safe.

Hemp is 100% dairy-free and is a great option if you prefer not to have dairy in your diet.

No Feeling of Bloatedness

One common complaint with other forms of protein is bloatedness. When drinking a protein shake, for example, some bodybuilders find that their stomach feels sludgy afterward. As a result, some people end up not drinking protein at all – Just because they don’t like the way it feels!

With hemp, there’s no feeling of bloatedness at all. Many bodybuilders switch to hemp for the sole reason of not wanting to feel like they’re bloated all the time. If not feeling bloaty is a priority for you, then you might want to try out Hemp.

High in Protein, Low in Fat

Hemp protein powder has a ton of protein that your body can use to build your new muscles while adding very little fat to your body.

In addition to protein, hemp also contains all kinds of other nutrients that feed and nourish your muscles.

Note that hemp does not contain THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. Although Marijuana does come from hemp seems, hemp does not contain any psychoactive properties.

Anecdotal and Scientific Evidence Supports Hemp

Bodybuilders all over the world have tried hemp and had spectacular results. In fact, hemp is one of the fastest-growing non-fad supplements simply because of its effectiveness and proven results.

In addition to anecdotal evidence, Hemp has been studied by numerous universities. Double-blind tests after double-blind tests, as well as nutritional tests, have shown that the gains attributed to Hemp are not placebo. The consumption of hemp has a direct correlation to results shown in muscle gains.

To make a long story short, Hemp has many, many benefits. From personal preference benefits like bloatedness and taste to things like nutrition and health. The price of Hemp is very affordable – Slightly more than Whey, but in the same price bracket. Will hemp work for you? The best way to find out is to simply try it out for yourself.

Want to know more about this amazing source of Protein? Head over to read more about hemp protein and hemp seed protein powder benefits. Go to this website.

Private Student Loan Default: Set to Stage a Major Comeback

Recent governmental analysis has shown that about one-fourth of all federal financial aid is directed toward students who attend private, for-profit colleges, even though these students represent just 12 percent of the national college population.

Private student loans are non-federal loans – student loans issued by banks and private lenders, rather than by the federal government.

Private student loans are credit-based loans carrying variable interest rates that can be as much as three to five times as high as the fixed interest rates on federal college loans. Additionally, private student loans don’t generally offer flexible repayment options and borrower hardship protections offered by federal education loans.

The recent substantial drop in the number of private student loans being issued can be partly attributed to greater publicity of the drawbacks of these loans in comparison to federal student loans.

Consumer advocates, student groups, and the U.S. Department of Education have campaigned heavily over the past three years for the benefits of low-cost federal college loans over private loans, which the groups maintain are more expensive and higher risk for vulnerable student borrowers, many of whom are financially inexperienced and who may not be aware of exactly what kind of long-term debt burden they’re signing up for.

Private Student Loans Poised to Surge at For-Profit Colleges The student loan default rate among students from for-profit colleges is exceptionally high because these students – a large proportion of whom are low-income, minorities, or returning students – tend to have a harder time translating their for-profit degree into gainful employment, and they’re carrying much more student loan debt than their post-graduation income will allow them to repay.

New proposed federal financial aid regulations seek to rein in what critics of for-profit colleges see as runaway student debt levels by instituting a loan default threshold that would render a for-profit institution ineligible to offer federal financial aid to its students if its students have a sustained high student loan default rate.

A proposed federal “gainful employment” rule would also yank federal financial aid funds from for-profit schools whose students graduate with excessive debt-to-income levels and are unable, in general, to find work – “gainful employment” – that will allow them to earn enough to pay off their student loans.

But in the absence of federal financial aid, private loans remain the financing of choice among students – particularly in the current economy, with home equity, credit card lines, investments, and college savings largely decimated – and some private lenders are readying to fill in the gaps left by the suspension of federal financial aid at ineligible institutions.

According to analysts, large private student loan lenders like Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae will reap the benefits of the proposed federal financial aid sanctions, which are set to go into effect in 2012.

Lingering Recession Forces Students Toward Pricier Private Student Loans The re-emergence of private student loans won’t be limited to just for-profit colleges, however. The rise, fall, and rise-again of private student loans as a part of U.S. students’ long-term financial aid future is tied directly to increases in the costs of college and the failure of federal financial aid to keep pace with the increases.

“Increases in college costs are the primary drivers of increases in student borrowing, especially when need-based grants don’t keep pace with higher college costs,” Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of, told Reuters.

And as the sour economy drags on, students’ need for funding sources to help pay for college will only become greater.

Publicly funded colleges and universities are reeling from a string of spending reductions for higher education and are passing along those losses to students in the form of tuition and fee increases.

“Private student loan volume could grow in the double digits next year because of tuition hikes driven by state budget constraints,” said Michael Taiano, a financial analyst at Sandler O’Neill.

At the same time, a record number of students are seeking higher education, enrolling or re-enrolling in colleges and universities, stretching the federal financial aid budget thin.

“Federal budgets are constrained by how much in aid they can deliver,” said FBR Capital Markets analyst Matt Snowling. So, the funding gap is going to be filled by private loans here is the Website link

As the lender-in-chief for federal college loans, the federal government is also beginning to experience first-hand the impact of a growing number of loan defaults, as a national populace in the midst of a recession and 10-percent unemployment struggles to keep up with its monthly bills.

Recent graduates are leaving school with record-high debt from loans and diminished prospects for employment. Parents who in other years might have helped their children pay for college are finding themselves being turned down for federal parent loans because they have joined the ranks of the unemployed and don’t qualify for the loans based on their own creditworthiness.

Thinking About Tree Removal? Leave It to the Professionals – Arborists and Tree Surgeons

Do you have a group of trees in your garden that blocks the sun, obstruct your view, or fill the garden with mountains of leaves every autumn? Perhaps you have one or more trees that are simply so over-grown that they have become unstable/unsafe. If so, you may well have considered getting rid of them, but how would you go about it?

You may feel capable of doing the work yourself, sawing a lumberjack-style wedge out of the bottom of the tree trunk, and watching it fall to the ground while you resist the temptation to yell “Timber!”

While you may very well be capable of all of that (and it would surely be a lot of fun!), there are a number of safety – not to mention, legal – considerations that simply cannot be ignored.

For example, it is important to consider not only your own safety, but the safety of nearby people and animals. Because it is very difficult to predict the direction in which a tree will fall using the traditional tree-felling method, the safety of nearby human beings can never be guaranteed.

Then there is the risk to nearby property. Trees are often much longer than they appear upright and would therefore fall across a larger area than you might expect, making it all too likely that a nearby house or garage/shed would suffer the impact of the colossal tree that you’re toppling.

There are also the legal and social issues to consider, like boundary issues, community attachment to “heritage trees”, property ownership, problems arising from roots that cross property boundaries, and disputes over obstructions of views to name a few.

So what is the solution? Hire a professional arborist or “Tree surgeon croydon“.

The fundamental issue is simple: trees require specialist attention. Arboriculture encompasses the management as well as study and cultivation of all types of trees and shrubs.

An arborist or “tree surgeon” is an arboricultural professional specializing in the safe, controlled treatment or removal of healthy or damaged trees. The best of these are highly trained and qualified in their field, and use state-of-the-art tree removal equipment.

They will also adhere to all current legislation as well as health and safety regulations, and provide a full service, from assessment and advice, right through to clean-up and waste disposal/recycling.

If you are considering the removal or extensive treatment of one or more trees on your property, be sure to seek the help of a professional arborist before attempting any work on your own.

Cheapest Kitchen Counters Are Formica Worktops

Of all the selections on the market, Formica sheets UK is by far the cheapest choice for kitchen work-tops. In this article, I will explain a couple of ways to get it really cheap. Let me just start by saying this too: just because this style of counters is the least expensive does not mean they are poor in quality.

What Will Cause the Price to be high?

There are a few variables that can affect how much your kitchen tops cost. For instance if you have them custom-fabricated out of plywood, this can be a lot more expensive than if you just select one from the “stock item” rack at Home Depot.

Here are a few things that affect the cost:

1) The layout of your cabinets 
If you have several areas which need to have forty-five degree mitered seams, this can add a considerable amount to the cost. Angled walls -such as the popular “island layout” that has three walls which are on forty-five degree angles- will drive the price of work-tops up.

2) Color and finish of the Formica Work-top 
There are several different color, pattern and finish upgrades that make the price of laminate work-tops go up. If you select a high gloss top, this will cost significantly more than a “matte” finish. If you select a “stipple” finish style, this may cost more than a low sheen topcoat. Usually the most reasonably priced choice will be a matte finish. All granite patterns will cost more than any other design.

3) Custom Edges on Tops 
Lowe’s Formica countertops and other Super Centers offer work-tops which have special edges on them. These are stock “Post Form” work-tops and are not outrageously priced. If your kitchen requires that you have your laminate tops custom-made… adding custom edges to your work-tops will not be cheap. The cheapest option for any laminate work-top is to buy them from a place like Home Depot. If you hire a custom fabricator to make the Formica tops, the cheapest style will be the flat, ninety-degree edge profile.

There are a few other things that can add to the cost of your work-tops:

  • If you have a drop-in range, you will pay more than if your stove is free-standing.
  • Raised-bar counters add additional costs to your kitchen price.
  • Pass-through windows where work-tops are interconnected from one room to the other
  • Counters which are longer than twelve feet will require a seam.

The Ideal Factors to Ensure Low-cost kitchen Counters:

  • The cheapest kitchen tops will be “matte finish”.
  • The layout of the cupboards will not require any seams in the ninety-degree corners.
  • All of the counters should be no longer than twelve feet in length.
  • There are no angled walls in the kitchen where the tops get installed.
  • No granite patterns
  • Do-it-yourself (DYI) work-top installation (not recommended unless you possess finish-carpentry skills)

The scale from the cheapest to the most expensive work-tops graduates like this:

Least expensive: 
Formica plastic laminate

Solid surface (Corian, Avonite, Gibralter, Earthstone)

High end: 
Authentic granite or marble

Photo Booth Rentals for Lasting Memories and For Your Business’ Success

An important aspect of any occasion is creating a memory. Cameras form an important part of the list. Therefore, if you are throwing a party and you have not arranged for any photo sessions, then your party will be a huge failure. A few years later, you will have no tangible memories of the party at all. This is just the reason why photo booth rentals have sprung up. Through this device, you can come up with absolutely any image and therefore, store it in your memory.

The photo booth long island prove useful in a variety of ways. These include birthday parties, which certainly require a stand where the family and friends of the birthday girl or boy could take some memorable pictures. Whether it is the first or the 50th birthday, a photo booth rental will grant you the opportunity to take some lasting pictures that will stay in your album for years. This is why renting booths come handy and cheap, thereby letting you make everlasting memories.

Moreover, most people often complain that weddings do not allow the people to take any kinds of candid shots that they might like. This is because the photographers who are hired for these events usually have certain restrictions such as not permitting any kind of natural shots at all. This is exactly why you require some photo booth rentals because they actually work in your favor, allowing you to take absolutely any picture that works to your benefit. This is just the reason why renting booths are preferred over photographers. There are more advantages that are accompanied with photo booths. With a photographer, you can only pose professionally and the people whose pictures are taken include the groom and bride’s family. However, the rentals allow spontaneous pictures of everybody so that all of you could enjoy your times together in the long run. Furthermore, you can also insert captions so that you may have a great time creating a scrapbook out of the stuff of your liking. Therefore, just give yourself the chance to recreate all kinds of occasions by arranging a photo booth that will make you feel good.

If you are keen to arrange for a photo booth rental, then it will give you an opportunity to spend your time to do all kinds of funny things at the booth. This is why if you are in the mood to plan your booth rentals, then this will work out everything in your way.

Therefore, if you are in the process of planning any kind of events, then be sure to make use of photo booth rentals for they will surely work in your favors. You will be able to work towards recreating the ideal rentals which would definitely grant you with the benefits that will give you the opportunity to avail all kinds of benefits from the booth rentals. Therefore, why don’t you get started and avail these benefits which will do you great good? Get started and avail photo booth rentals!

Potrebujete nápady na kostýmy Halloween? Vyriešiť tento problém v 3 jednoduchých krokoch

Prichádzať s novými nápadmi na kostýmy Halloween sa môže javiť ako neprekonateľná úloha. A teraz, keď sa Halloween rýchlo blíži, je čas nájsť dokonalý kostým Halloween. V nasledujúcom texte preskúmame niektoré nápady týkajúce sa kostýmov a 3 jednoduché kroky na vyriešenie vášho hľadania kostýmov.

Krok 1. Zistite svoj cieľový vek. Kde môžem začať? Tu má veľa ľudí veľmi ťažký čas. V kostýmoch na dovolenku je toľko možností, že to môže byť veľmi ohromujúce. Najlogickejším miestom na začiatku je to, za akú vekovú skupinu nakupujete kostýmy. Ak sú to mladšie deti, potom výber, ako je Toy Story, môže byť dobrý. Ďalšou možnosťou je Alice v ríši divov alebo dokonca postavy založené na Disney. Deti milujú myš Mikey a myš Minnie. Aj rodičia.

Krok 2. Po určení cieľového veku preskúmajte ich záujmy. Snáď najjednoduchší spôsob, ako prísť s nápadmi na halloween kostým, je zistiť, čo vaše deti sledujú v televízii. Aké sú ich obľúbené karikatúry alebo filmy? Výsledkom je, že môžete začať so zúžením výberu kostýmov. Iron Man je príkladom veľmi obľúbeného filmu a výberu, ktoré tento rok urobilo mnoho detí (najmä chlapcov).

A čo staršie deti a dospelí? Aké kostýmy sú pre nich k dispozícii? Mnoho starších detí a dospelých stále miluje a zúčastňuje sa Halloweenu. Pre dospelých sú k dispozícii kancelárske a súkromné ​​Halloween party. Opäť platí, že to je miesto, kde pri pohľade na populárne filmy môžu pomôcť pri rozhodovaní, čo sa nosí na Halloween.

Počuli ste už o Avatar? Kto nie, však? Vo filme sa rozbehla celá rada kostýmov súvisiacich s Avatarom, ako napríklad Jake Sully a Neytiri, skvelé možnosti pre staršie deti aj dospelých. A spomenul som, že sú veľmi horúce a žiadané? S výberom kostýmov založených na avatare ste sa nemohli pokaziť.

okonalé nápady na kostýmy Halloween získate dokonca aj prehliadaním obchodov Halloween. Jednoducho sa pozriete na svoje odporúčané kostýmy alebo návrhy kostýmov a získate skvelé nápady, vďaka ktorým bude každý šťastný. Internetové obchody s kostýmami robia túto úlohu veľmi pohodlnou.

Krok 3. Teraz, keď ste zúžili výber kostýmov, kde ich môžete ľahko získať? Mnoho ľudí nenávidí jazdiť a bojovať proti davom, aby si kúpili najhorúcejšie kostýmy, len aby zistili, že sú vypredaní. Najlepším riešením je jednoducho kúpiť Halloween kostýmy online. Existuje mnoho obchodov Halloween na internete s rôznymi výbermi kostýmov. Ušetrite čas, peniaze a bolesti hlavy nakupovaním online.

Ako vidíte, získanie skvelých nápadov na kostýmy Halloween nie je také ťažké. Postupujte podľa troch jednoduchých krokov a ste na dobrej ceste!

Pozeral sa do tváre smrti na Halloween

Tvár bola celá čierna, mramorovaná a popraskaná. V blízkosti lícnych kostí vyčnievali tenké hrebene, z ktorých vytiekla náznak sušenej krvi. Predpokladám, že v mojom veku si na tieto veci zvyknete, pretože som sa nebál; no možno len trochu. Je mi dvanásť rokov a chlapecký génius. Viem, že keď sa ma niekto snaží predstierať, ale táto prekliata tvár vyzerala nejako skutočne. Najhoršie na tom bolo, že to bolo priamo v mojej tvári. Myslím, že som bol príliš nervózny na to, aby som ho vytrhol a odhalil iného mladíka, ako som ja, na nejaké Halloweenské žarty a cukrovinky. Časť, ktorá ma skutočne vydesila, bola, že ma neustále sledovala. Prečo to bolo po mne? Čo som urobil?

Snažil som sa z toho utiecť; uhýbať sa a pliesť si bočnú uličku pár blokov od môjho domu, ale bez ohľadu na to, čo som urobil alebo ako rýchlo som bežal, zostal mi priamo v tvári. Kričal som na to.

Povedal som: „Choď odo mňa. Nie si skutočný. Snažíš sa ma vystrašiť a zblázniť si to. Mám tvoje číslo. Si falošný. iba halloweenský vtipálek. Vypadni z mojej tváre. “

Maska smrti neodpovedala. Z toho neprichádzal zvuk. Stále ma to prenasledovalo. Snažil som sa racionalizovať, čo sa mi stalo.

Johnny,“ povedal som to sám. „Nedovoľte, aby sa vám toto plazenie zlepšilo. Ste príliš chytrí na to, aby vás vystrašila nejaká hlúpa maska ​​halloweenskeho maska čerta. Nedovoľte mu vystrašiť vás. Smiať sa v jeho tvári.

Vtedy sa to stalo. Zhromaždil som všetku svoju odvahu a povedal Face of Death, že som vedel, že je falošný, a zasmial sa mu do tváre. A potom som to cítil. Bolo to ako bolesť žalúdka z pálenia. Cítil som sa tak zle; Myslel som, že umriem. Pustil som svoju vlastnú masku cudzieho krokodíla mužského jedla a bežal domov tak rýchlo, ako som mohol, kričiac na vrch mojich pľúc.

“Mami, mami, daj ma dovnútra. Tvár smrti je po mne a snaží sa ma zabiť. Mám pocit, že môj žalúdok vybuchne. Mám strašnú bolesť. Zabíja ma. Pomôž mi. Som príliš mladý na to, aby som zomrel.”

Moja matka sa snažila, aby sa mi nesmiala. Spýtala sa ma, koľko sladkostí som zjedla. Bol som tak vystrašený, že som povedal pravdu o zmene, a priznal som sa, že som jedol asi pol misky plnej triku alebo liečil upratovanie počas skoršej časti večera. Moja matka navrhla cestu do kúpeľne, pohár teplého mlieka, vstať a spať. Urobil som, čo povedala, a bolesť začala ustupovať. Bol som tak uľavený.

Ležala som v posteli a myslela som si, ako hlúpy som sa bála masky na Halloweena. Cítil som sa oveľa lepšie a uvedomil som si, aký hlúpy som bol. To bol Halloween, to je všetko. Teraz som bol v bezpečí v mojej posteli, v mojej spálni, kde som mohol byť opäť dieťaťom, a nemusím sa báť tmy, pretože som nočné svetlo svietil a moja matka bola dole a pozerala televíziu. A potom sa to stalo.

Len som odpočíval, keď som počul výkrik mojej matky. „Johnny,“ zakričala, „príďte rýchlo, je to váš otec. Spadol a chytil ho za hruď. Myslím, že mal infarkt. ,” plakala.

Bežala som dole a videla som, ako otec leží na zemi. Vyzeral, že nedýcha a z úst mu vychádzala biela bublinková pena. Bežal som von a skočil z prednej verandy, aby som našiel pomoc pri susedovi, doktorovi Ableovi.

Vtedy som ho znova uvidel. Tvár smrti bola priamo predo mnou a bránila mi dostať sa k predným dverám doktora Schopného. Snažil som sa okolo neho bežať, ale on by mi to nedovolil. Teraz som vedel, že tu nie je pre mňa, ale stále som sa bál. Doktor Able vyšiel z domu so svojou čiernou lekárskou taškou; moja matka ho musela zavolať. Zrazu Tvár smrti zmizla.

Neviem, či to bola tá pravá vec, alebo sa len Halloweenská žart stala strašne zlá, alebo sa predstavivosť môjho chlapca vymýšľala divoko, alebo hrozná náhoda? Môj otec sa uzdravil vďaka bohu, ale už skoro nikdy nechodím na Halloween. Priblížil som sa tomu, aby som čelil smrti, tak ako to chcem v ten sviatok. Možno by som len šiel dolu ulicou na malé sladkosti, ak ma duch Halloweenov pohne, ale chcem vás varovať, aby ste si dali pozor na tvár smrti. Budúci rok to môže byť vy alebo vaša rodina. Budúci rok by tento príbeh mohol byť skutočný. Budúci rok to môže byť váš pocit reality. Majte šťastný Halloween a nejedzte príliš veľa sladkostí.