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Advantages Of Using Air Freight Shipping

Sooner or later, any company, even though it is not in the business of sales or commerce, is bound to make at least one shipment abroad. That is why many companies get the help of professional transport logistics companies, that have the ability to efficiently facilitate shipments across the entire world. Of course, before choosing one type of shipment or another, you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the best way to adapt them to your company’s needs.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about air freight, its advantages, disadvantages and specific features.

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It is common knowledge that using air freight in order to deliver packages is more expensive than delivering them by surface or sea/ocean. However, those who have used this kind of transport are well aware of the fact that it offers a series of advantages that compensate for the extra money you have to invest. Essentially, the advantages offered by air transportation are a combination between speed, timeliness, reliability, warehousing, insurance premium, and packing (items that are transported by air require less packing, meaning smaller costs for the client).

Probably the most important advantage that air freight offers is its speed and its frequency. When the client has an urgent package to send, an airplane will be his or her first choice most of the time. More than that, air freight is probably the most reliable means of transportation there is. Boats that travel on sea or ocean are more likely to delay one or more days because of the weather conditions or other factors. Airplanes can be delayed one or two days, but airline companies usually offer efficient alternative routes that can guarantee that your package won’t be delayed more than 24 hours.

Another important advantage is the warehousing. As a client that chooses to use air cargo for his packages, you won’t be in need of local warehousing and costly stocks as much as before. Another thing that’s worthy to take into consideration is the fact that air freight pretty much eliminates financial constraints. Its speed allows the release of capital that would be otherwise trapped in transit on oceans, seas or land. To put it more simply, the package will be received by the buyer before the realization of the seller’s payment.

Yet another advantage of air freight is the fact that you pay less on insurance premium. Airports have a high level of security and air deliveries last less than train, car or boat deliveries, meaning that the insurance premium will cost less, thus saving you big amounts of money on every shipment.

And last but not least, air transports do not require as much packing as the ones on land or sea, meaning that, in the long run, you and your company will pay less.