Discovering Montana Wildlife Parks

ranches near Bozeman

Montana is overloaded with amazing places to witness the beauty of nature and it’s wildlife. With so many mountains, rivers, lakes and forests that seem to have no end, it’s not surprising that Montana has a greater variety of wildlife compared to any other state in the lower 48. The whole state is a natural animal preserve. As popular as it is for people who are drawn to nature to want to seek out these amazing places, there really isn’t much information out there to help you find the best spots to visit. If you would like to see large amounts of diverse species in one place, the average person would recommend to visit the zoo.

If you are visiting or live in Montana, I would suggest either visiting Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park. I would also suggest not to forget your camera! A mistake I have often made and always regretted! In Glacier you will see mostly elk, moose, deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and even black or grizzly bears. Yellowstone is incredibly diverse, in the fact that there is way too many animals to list. The more commonly seen are elk, grizzly bears, bison, wolves and even trumpeter swans! Another great way to witness Montana’s wildlife is to visit one of 51 wildlife refuges! Visiting a refuge you have the opportunity to visit animals in their natural environment, unlike visiting a zoo which sometimes can be depressing. Refuges usually offer many opportunities for stunning photography, educational opportunities or tours (great for kids!), outdoor activities and sometimes even camping!

One of the best places around is actually Bozeman. Sitting in the Gallatin Valley with great views. Bozeman offers a lot for the person that is tired of the rat race or is a remote worker. From a thriving downtown to being close to all kinds of great things to do outdoors. if you are looking for ranches around Bozeman give us a call.

Another opportunity you can take advantage of is visiting a wildlife center. There are a few of these in Montana which care for animals which can no longer return to the wild. Similar to the concept of a zoo, however you will find that the animals have about triple the space and are not really “confined”. For example there is a Wolf Sanctuary about 16 miles from Missoula called “The Wolfkeep”. They have a total of 10 wolves in a 10 acre enclosure, giving them maximum space to live freely. These of course are only some of the many rewarding wildlife opportunities, a short list could easily turn into a novel. Montana is full of exciting places to visit and new experiences to venture, whether it is outdoors in the wild or indoors with family and friends!