Do Homeowners Actually Pay Professionals To Hang Their Christmas Lights?

If you are anything like me, you love driving around residential neighborhoods and looking at Christmas light displays. Every Christmas season, many people proudly display their Christmas lights on their homes. A lot of these people hold a secret that they generally do not share with their neighbors. I discovered this secret several years ago when I was at a Christmas party.

A prominent doctor hosted the party in his home which was located in a highly affluent part of town. Part way through the party, my wife and I took a walk around the neighborhood and admired the wonderful Christmas light displays on the mansion-like homes. When we returned to the party, my wife commented to our doctor friend about how beautiful the neighborhood looked decorated for Christmas. Our friend stated that every year, professional light installation companies compete for the business of individual homeowners. I was amazed. I asked the doctor if he installed the lights on his own house. He laughed at me and exclaimed that he pays for this work to be done.

I asked him why he did not do the work himself and he said that he is usually too busy to find the time to do it. The doctor told me that many of his neighbors don’t have the time or the patience to hang their own Christmas lights. He also told me that the risk of injury to decorate their huge homes was just too great. My doctor friend said that many of his neighbors would not think twice about spending $2,000 to $5,000 in cash to have a professional decorate their homes for Christmas.

This is when I discovered that the Holiday Light Installation Business is a highly lucrative business. Every year, over $200 million is spent hiring professional Christmas light installers. The truth of the matter is that people are just too busy, too stressed out or just plain tired. These people truly do not want the hassle of putting up their own Christmas lights.

This is where you come in. You can actually offer a much needed service. All you need to get started in the Holiday Light Installation Business is a few customers. If you land three to five clients and do a great job on their homes, then your business will skyrocket. Word of mouth will spread like wildfire through your area and you will be in a position to turn prospects away.

So, if you want to make a hefty income providing a great service this holiday season, then you should seriously consider starting your own successful Holiday Light Installation Business in your area. Click here for more information on Christmas light installation Phoenix, AZ.