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Straight blades are ideal for clearing large, open lots. Picture: Employer Snowplow This is part one of a four-part series. The Snow and Ice Removal Guide was produced to help professional landscapers in choosing the right snow and ice management tools for their business. It also consists of a thorough take a look at popular snow rake specifications.

One standard choice will be what snow rake blade to use. A number of factors will influence your choice, consisting of the type of snow removal tasks you normally do and the host device or truck you plan to utilize. “Each type of plow, whether it is a straight blade, V-plow or expandable wing, has its location simply as a hammer, screwdriver and saw are different tools for various needs,” says Doug Clark, a product supervisor for Western Products.

” V-blades may be the Swiss Army Knife of plows, but if the website is a large, open lot, a broadening blade is more efficient,” says Jen Strelcheck, a product supervisor for Employer Snowplow. “Straight blades may do the job, however a V-blade will conserve time cleaning up routes and completing and ending up work.” Since of this, Boss established a ‘Rake Selector Tool’ to assist users narrow down the choices if they’re picking a blade based upon an existing truck in their fleet.

Straight blades can efficiently clear large, open lots with less obstacles. This plow was the first type used for snow elimination and keeps things basic. Clark says that if the skill level of your workforce is relatively brand-new to rake driving, it is much better to choose a blade with simple up/down and left/right controls.

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For areas that receive 2 to three snowfalls varying from 1-6″, there may not be a requirement for a more complex blade. The V-plow, or V-blade, design was presented in the early 80s and professionals agree that while nobody rake is best for each job, they generally recommend using a V-blade.

Picture: SnowEx “If I didn’t understand what type of tasks I would be getting for the season, I would select a V-blade,” Strelcheck states. “It is the most versatile for all snow types and depths, in addition to all task types. From broad open lots to tight quarters, like filling station and bank drive-throughs, the V-blade does it all.” For those operating in regions that receive more than 5 storms a year with a minimum of one dropping more than a foot of snow, the V-shape of the plow works well to cut through deep, packed snow drifts.

James Hornung Jr., president of Elbers Landscape Service, Inc. based in Buffalo, New York, states he utilizes V-plows in many applications due to the fact that they work in the city, and it permits the business to stack snow, conserving time and providing value to the customer. While they tend to be the most universal, V-plows also run at the greatest cost point.

Wings can assist on tasks where you need to cover a great deal of acreage, reducing the number of passes required. According to Strelcheck, these kinds of rakes are also somewhat pitched forward so they will decrease the quantity of snow left. Blades with wings can help in reducing the number of passes required when covering a large property.

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” They decrease the ridges that can be left by traditional straight blades when raking around parked vehicles.” It is very important to be conscious when selecting fixed wings, as these can often put your rake outside the legal width limits. With wing sets, operators can remove these between websites. “Anytime a rake is wider than the power system, particularly trucks, it adds a level of complexity to the operation because locational awareness must be heightened beyond conventional driving techniques,” Hornung states.

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” Expandable rakes are the best alternative when you have proficient operators and a need to switch from extremely broad to very narrow,” Clark says. “They are likewise chosen when you wish to be able to add more accounts without including rakes as often and when you have to plow large locations and carry a lot of snow.” Unlike the other wing blade options, there aren’t truly any drawbacks to expandable wings, according to the specialists who talked to us.

” In Western New york city, rear rakes are nearly basic equipment for anyone in the snow service, however that is not the case in lots of other heavy snow regions of the nation,” Hornung says. Hornung states that in his experience, rear plows have assisted his teams enhance speed and security by decreasing the number of times the truck has to reverse, and they are far much better for dragging scenarios.